Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo update :)

The ladies are growing growing! Working on a vintage birthday party theme for them in April. They are putting shoes on and off all day long! They love accessories. They are a mess !
Link is doing great with potty training this week! Lots of staying dry! He's a smart fella , just needs a little reminding often :)

MRIs and EEGs OH MY !

Lincoln progressed worse this week.  On Wednesday the school called and informed me that Lincoln started falling and tripping.  Well Lincoln has superb balance and could probably walk a tight rope.  I was officially freaking out!  After a very long day of calls, between the neurologist and pediatrician  ,we got an MRI scheduled for the next day.  I was very worried and fearful for my little fella.

I expected the worse yesterday and to find out he has a tumor.  Fortunately he did well with the sedation and we quickly got the results. His MRI was normal, but he has a significant sinus infection. He is now on antibiotics for 3 weeks!  In all my time as a pharmacy tech, I rarely filled 3 weeks worth of this medicine, so I know it has to be pretty bad.

Next week we will be doing an extended EEG for 24-96 hrs at Children's hospital.   It will be very tough on both of us! He will be hooked up to wires constantly and need to be fairly still. This is going to be a challenge for my hyper active 3 year old!  Luckily he is getting better at listening and is understanding more I think.

He is playing more appropriately with toys now.  He is growing and changing drastically ! Speech is still non existent, but he is doing great with the PECS system!  Keep us in your thoughts as next week rolls around!  It's going to be challenging and we're hopeful to either put the seizure possibility to rest, or be diagnosed with them. Anxious for answers!

It's really weird seeing your kids brain!  If only we knew the thoughts that go through it!

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