Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Door Opens

8 weeks Lincoln has been at this new school.  In 8 weeks time he has transformed so much!  He is where he is suppose to be I know that for a fact now.  Lincoln is using more and more language.  I was very concerned he would have echolalia, but he doesn't. Here are the positives we are seeing"
- He now regularly tells us drink, eat, bite.
-He is also responding with yes and no. Head shaking and verbally
-He is saying hi and bye. 
- He is FINALLY showing interest in potty training!
-He sits still much longer than he used to
-He is understanding sequences of events and everything
- He can follow 2 part commands (granted you have to keep repeating the commands lol)
-His impulses which were insane have slowed down! 
-He is showing more signs of thought processing and thinking before acting. 
-He is showing more and more patience.

I'm so happy we decided to take the plunge for Lincolns school.  It's been worth every expensive penny.  He will start Kindergarten there in a few weeks !  I believe he will be 1 of 4 students with 2 teachers. He will be getting a lot of 1 on 1 attention! I strongly urge other parents to take the plunge. We are investing in him and his betterment.  We can take him to doctor after doctor, but what has to take place is rewiring/training of his brain.  I do feel the medical intervention helps some, but with age as well as him overcoming so much health wise- we are on the right track. His allergies are far less, his asthma is FINALLY (hallelujah!)  under control, eczema is almost absolute, and he stays on daily probiotics.

This is his daily medication we do now.
-Risperdal - 1 1/2 tablet daily . We can give 2 tablets daily, but we try not to unless he is very "stressed"
- Probiotics
-Dulera- Asthma inhaler

I'm about to try a new Mighty Enzyme to help his digestion as well.  I'll report on it as well later.  I've done essential oils, not a fan with him. I do feel they are a great thing for most, but we saw little to no change.

SO yeah... We are trucking on.  I think I've finally come to terms with this isn't going to be an overnight fix. This is going to be something we work at super hard for the next ever.  We are going to be investing everything we have in him. The moment when he tells us thank for not giving up on me, will be worth it all.  I know he is in there and he is coming back to us SLOWLY.  He will always be my autistic child. He will always be different, but I pray, believe, and have hope that we will be mainstream one day if we keep on. 

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