Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Team Lincoln goes for a Hail Mary!

Can you tell I'm getting super excited about football season with the title to today's blog :)

Well we finally got the call from the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor!  Dr.Kalb is based in Cool Springs Tennessee, just south of Nashville.  Reasons I like him:
1) He is a normal pediatrician seeing patients as any pediatrician does. Just has a passion to  help defeat autism .
2) He doesn't think we are crazy lol
3) He treats the person as a whole rather than symptomatically .
4) He isn't in it for the $$$ and is a regular $30 copay.

Here is what is going on:

Meeting Dr.Kalb was stressful. Lincoln had a major meltdown for a variety of reasons.  Dr.Kalb wants us to change Lincoln's diet further to a GAPS diet.  I've read about the diet in my books, but I thought Gluten Free/Casein free would be enough for us. Turns out it isn't. He pointed out that since Link's ears turn red when eating corn, and the fact that he goes INSANE if he eats watermelon, shows he still has gut issues. That and the fact that he still has chronic mushy stools.  He said I will never be able to potty train him until it's under control, which I agree.    Dr.Kalb discussed gut inflammation and yeast overgrowth in Lincoln's stomach. I know he is inflamed somewhere, because he talks more when he is on steroids. He randomly will get yeast diaper rashes (often when he has more frequent BMs)  A few other things lead him to believe he is yeasty, such as frequent episodes of laughing hysterically and sleep issues. ALL of this are things we previously felt were plaguing him.  It just felt good to have confirmation that Miles and I were on the right track! Our visit was just the cost of a regular copay. I know some doctors like this require you to pay $300 a visit!

So now that we have confirmation about Link, What will do about it?  

We will start the following supplements and 1 injection (eh) :

Approximate Cost
Vital Spectrum (Klaire Labs)
One teaspoon a day – this is a complete multivitamin and mineral complex powder.
Innate Flora - probiotics
One capsule daily provides 20 billion colonies of beneficial bacteria.  These must be refrigerated.  It is best to take them in the morning before breakfast.
$41.00– lasts 2 months
Methyl B-12 injections
One pre-filled syringe injected every three days
Speak – a combination of fish oil and Vitamin E
Start with one a day and then increase to one twice a day.  Check out the website for Speak which is
Children’s DGT Effervescent digestive enzymes
From Theramedix – enhances the digestion and absorption of nutrients – one scoop twice a day with meals.

What will the Outcome be ? 

Dr.Kalb feels that Lincoln will be at a normal child status and drop the Autism label by 6. He seems very certain that Lincoln is a good candidate for reversal of damages done by environmental factors ( SHOTS, pesticides, food dyes ect )

We are going all in. Yes the diet is costly and will be a total change for all of us . The supplements/shots will be about $175 a month, but we are running out of options and time. Lincoln starts school at 6  due to his birthday , thankfully!!  You can't imagine the joy I will feel if Lincoln goes to kindergarten without an aid and is able to do all the things the other kids can.  I will seriously cry if that happens.  If being the key word.  I'm not hopeful, but mostly because I don't want to get my hopes up and it be shattered.  I just have come to the point that I expect something to go wrong, something to not work, or some crazy side effect to happen to us.   Anyways, we're going all in.  We are out of options and the time clock is ticking by before school starts.   So it's all or nothing right now. Here we go ! Time for a crazy ride to hopefully a successful finish.

We go back in October to see him where he will do labs possibly to check for other issues. He is following the DAN protocol for him at this time. Anyone interested in the info he sent to me. Feel free to email me @THREEWISHESPHOTO@YAHOO.COM and I will forward it to you.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Open Book

I've now shared our story with the world , aka facebook lol.  It's been good for us.  I was waiting because Miles didn't  want to share it with the world.  Well the day before Miles was informing our neighbor all about autism and his theories. I knew then Miles had accepted it and he too was on the "Bring Lincoln Back" band wagon.  I'm oh so proud of Miles. He is an amazing father. He listens to autism live (some live conference where they discuss autism daily)  at work while he is working . He has even submitted questions and letters to them. Miles has also been in school full time and will be graduating in August!  I'm so proud of him and the accomplishments he has achieved.

Oh how summer break is about to do me in.  Lincoln is now on Tenex and Abilify .  The Tenex is for his ADHD and the Abilify is to help our meltdowns.  Lincoln tends to have major meltdowns over simple things lately. I honestly think it stems from not being able to communicate, but they are out of control and the Tenex for ADHD only magnifies them.  Neither med seems to be working.  We are having to change psychiatrist to one in Madison next month. The one in Birmingham is moving to FL.  Also next month we will have finallllly made it to the doctor in Franklin Tennessee. We will have been waiting for 4 very long months for this appointment .

Not much new to report.  Just same ole' same ole.  Waiting, watching, and trial and error.

Lincoln will be 4 on July 30th this month. I can't believe it's been 4 years.  So many emotions about his birthday. It's hard to be excited, more on that next time :)

For humor sakes: An attempt at a photo of all 3. lol 

melts me every time 

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