Monday, July 8, 2013

Open Book

I've now shared our story with the world , aka facebook lol.  It's been good for us.  I was waiting because Miles didn't  want to share it with the world.  Well the day before Miles was informing our neighbor all about autism and his theories. I knew then Miles had accepted it and he too was on the "Bring Lincoln Back" band wagon.  I'm oh so proud of Miles. He is an amazing father. He listens to autism live (some live conference where they discuss autism daily)  at work while he is working . He has even submitted questions and letters to them. Miles has also been in school full time and will be graduating in August!  I'm so proud of him and the accomplishments he has achieved.

Oh how summer break is about to do me in.  Lincoln is now on Tenex and Abilify .  The Tenex is for his ADHD and the Abilify is to help our meltdowns.  Lincoln tends to have major meltdowns over simple things lately. I honestly think it stems from not being able to communicate, but they are out of control and the Tenex for ADHD only magnifies them.  Neither med seems to be working.  We are having to change psychiatrist to one in Madison next month. The one in Birmingham is moving to FL.  Also next month we will have finallllly made it to the doctor in Franklin Tennessee. We will have been waiting for 4 very long months for this appointment .

Not much new to report.  Just same ole' same ole.  Waiting, watching, and trial and error.

Lincoln will be 4 on July 30th this month. I can't believe it's been 4 years.  So many emotions about his birthday. It's hard to be excited, more on that next time :)

For humor sakes: An attempt at a photo of all 3. lol 

melts me every time 

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