Friday, June 7, 2013


Several people have asked, so here is a short summed up answer.

Vaccinations aren't for us.  We went according to the CDC schedule for Lincoln and I honestly think it played a role in how he is today. I feel he was going to be different, but not to the extreme he is now. The vaccination toxins played a role in his severity.  His neurologist and psychologist have both told me to no longer vaccinate him, which I'm fine with.

That being said.. What do I do about my other 2?  Well many are unaware but at our 1 yr vaccinations Lacey had a seizure from them. She didn't have a fever, just a seizure. I didn't want to give them in the first place,  mothers instinct again.  I didn't want to give Lincoln any either and wanted to delay them, but everyone thought I was crazy. Now I'm the crazy mom with a crazy kid :) Oh well, we didn't know and we still don't know for sure.   Therefore the girls haven't been vaccinated since 1 and will not until they are at least 5.

This is just what will be working for OUR family. It may not for yours.

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