Friday, June 7, 2013

The verdict is in

          Lincoln finally got in with a psychologist. He has been formally diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder PDD-NOS. He is also ADHD, who would have thunk ;). The reason for a quick diagnosis is that our insurance now covers the ever so expensive ABA therapy! Which reminds me , I need to give them another call today to get therapy started. Lincoln started a med for his ADHD, they are hopeful that if we can just get him to "stop" we can get him to vocalize. So far there have been minimal improvements. Sleep issues have been horrid lately with it. We give him melatonin at night and he is up 4 hrs later. Such a battle around here , but we're surviving. In August Lincoln will be seeing a Biomedical doctor in Tennessee who works on recovering Autism. Waiting, Waiting , Waiting. If anyone is graduating and thinking of what to go into, something specializing in autism care is it! ABA therapist are going to be making a KILLING soon. Especially ones who are BCBA (hope that is the correct letters ) certified, because they are the ones insurance covers, well ours at least. Happy Friday folks! Excited to have the weekend off ! 

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