Saturday, December 15, 2012

About Me

 -Southern Girl


-Youngest of 3 girls.

-Met my husband when I was 17

-Married my husband in a sandwich shop that doubled as a wedding chapel (wasn't planned that way)

-Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 19 by two doctors, then at 20 was told I don't have it. Time will tell.

- Was a Pharmacy Tech for 5 years before becoming a stay at home mom.

- Was studying Elementary Education and took a photography class on a whim.

- Owner of Three Wishes Photography.

- I hate the texture of laundry.  I can't fold them without cringing.

- I'm a talker.

- I love anything mint flavored.

-My son was named after Link the character in the video game Zelda.

- I love to travel

- My twin girls have presidential last names as their middle names (McKinley and Monroe )

- My birthday is 11/19

- I graduated in a class of 41 in 2005

- I'm a giver.

- I'm actually pretty good at golf, but I've only played it a handful of times.

- I have a Protein S deficiency.

- I hate Chemistry and Math

- I love crafts

- I'm the most musically challenged person on the planet

- I don't care for music. I can go weeks without turning on the radio in my car.

- When I do listen to music, it better have some violins or pianos in it :)

- I have a " I can do anything" personality, hence my determination to bring my son back to me :)

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