Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Cutter

All of my friends are posting the cookies they are making for Christmas.  I should join in the fun, but I've never had much success with dough while cooking.  Who knows, I may get a wild hair and try it later today.  The purpose of a cookie cutter is to create a uniform shape that is consistent with the previously cut out shape. Doing so allows you to have an army of perfectly shaped gingerbread men.  Unfortunately every now and then the cookie cutter doesn't work as planned and the results are  less than perfect gingerbread men. The cookie still tastes good, but just isn't as appealing as the other perfect ones.   Then in some cases you can have the most perfect looking cookies, yet the dough wasn't prepared properly (probably by me ;) ) and it isn't as good on the inside.   There are so many different  variables that could have made this perfectly looking cookie mess up. Did I add too much salt? Did I forget to cream the butter and sugar together first?   So many options for error, but I used the cookie cutter?  It should all be the same right?

So why am I talking about cookies? I'm talking about it because there is no cookie cutter for autism.  There can be 10 kids with autism and all 10 will present themselves differently.  The media however, gives a portrait of autistic individuals and society thinks all autistic children are alike. Currently after a violent tragedy that just occurred in our country, the media is streaming content of the perpetrator being autistic/aspergers. It's hard to watch this knowing, some viewers aren't educating themselves and autistic children will now be deemed as violent individuals. This is far from the truth, especially for Link.

Below I will share with you an "All about Lincoln" sorta thing. This will give you a better picture of the cookie cutter that created him :)

-Lincoln smiles all the time
-Lincoln is very cuddly and enjoys snuggling.
-Lincoln will hug you when asked
-Lincoln has never ONCE hit anyone out of anger.  His sisters will jump all over him, but he just moves.
-Lincoln loves to be tickled
- Lincoln is severely speech delayed. He communicates mostly through dragging us places.
- Lincoln has issues with repetitive behaviors to the point of obsessions.
- Socially Lincoln would rather be alone than play with other children, but they don't bother him.
-Lincoln's entire schedule can be thrown for several loops, but he doesn't care.
-Lincoln isn't bothered by loud noises and most of the time he is the loud noise :)
- Lincoln will eat ANYTHING I throw at him.
-He has allergies and asthma
- Lincoln minds fairly well for a 3 year old, but tests us and selectively checks out.
-Lincoln doesn't feel pain
- Lincoln can't grasp your emotions. If you are upset at him , he sometimes just laughs and laughs, because he thinks we're "playing" or he just doesn't comprehend the emotions.
- Lincoln loves going outside
-Lincoln doesn't play appropriately with majority of toys, unless you are playing with him demonstrating.
- Lincoln is the sweetest thing on the planet :) 

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