Monday, August 19, 2013

Don't go breaking my heart

The article above was just found by myself.  Let's just say I was teary eyed towards the end.  Seriously?! Who has the audacity to say that to someone? I would first be upset, but then make a copy of the letter and write a response on the back. Then I would hand deliver it to every house in the neighborhood.

SO SO upsetting!  It's people like this who makes parenting an autistic child so hard. It's the people who think I don't discipline/teach enough (some of which are in my own family) The people who think my child is "spoiled." Those are the people who make my life a living hell. As if it's not hard enough , we have to deal with idiots like the above writer.    So stare all you want at my different child, because in the future you will be staring  at him and how awesome and genius he is.  He may have tons of hurtles you couldn't even imagine going through with your child , but he will get there.  One day at a time, one word at a time, one strong determine momma by his side.

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