Monday, October 21, 2013

What a difference a few months makes!

Lincoln is progressing well! He is much calmer. He is vocalizing more words. He is putting more than one word together. All of which are still on his terms, but we are seeing more.  School reports he is doing well also!

Lincoln is actually the least of my troubles these days.  I had a week long hospital stay recently for a virus.  Then Miles was furloughed for 3 weeks.  We survived well ! Miles finally talked me into taking Lynleigh to the doctor during his furlough. She is always tired has been for 6 months at least.  I thought, eh just some iron issue.  Well now I'm wishing it were just iron.  Here is what has gone down.

Tuesday 10/15
Initial appointment/CBC thyroid check.  Hemoglobin is at an 8.6! She was 13 in April.  For those of you unaware.  12+ is what it should be . Anything under 8, you are considered for a blood transfusion.

Thursday 10/17
Our doctor didn't want to just throw some iron at her, without getting to the source of the problem. So we brought in 3 poopy diapers and did a large panel of blood on her.

Friday 10/18
The doctor informs me her blood is down to 8.2. She had 2 trace positive stools for blood.  Also we aren't dealing with an iron deficiency  He wanted me to come in first thing Monday morning for another hemoglobin and he would get us in with a hematologist ASAP .

Monday 10/21
Hemoglobin is 8.3 , so no change really.  The peripheral smear came back and 1 strain of cells wasn't right.  It was one dealing with red blood cells, unsure what the one was called. This allows us to rule out a GI issue since it's obviously in the blood.  He got us an appointment on 10/24 with a hematologist/oncologist in Birmingham.  Some of the scarier things such as leukemia can't be ruled out fully until more labs/bone marrow aspiration.  The idea of an illness called Transient erythroblastopenia. I'm not buying it.  They say they are healed by 2weeks to 2 months on it . Lynleigh has been "tired" for 6 months. Anywho... That is the newest unexpected news and journey we are now on. 

Lynleighis the one with clothes on :) Lacey refuses clothes. As I'm typing this she is having a cow wanting her sweater off.

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