Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10-12 months

Wow, a year flew by!  My husband and I started thinking about adding a brother or sister into Links life.  We knew we wanted more kids and due to my clotting disorder, we didn't want to wait too long. We wanted to have our kids young, when I would have less health issues.  We were concerned about the future of my health, due to being told in 2007 I had Multiple Sclerosis. We started to really think about it over the next 3 months. Lincoln was so perfect, doing great, and growing accordingly. He hasn't been sick a day in his life yet!  We were spoiled with him .

May 30th, 2010- 10 months
You had your first overnight stay at mimis house this month!  You are growing entirely too fast .  You will soon be my toddler, not my baby :( .   You are getting tons of teeth, yet it doesn't bother you.   You love going outside. You are climbing over things, cruising, and exploring everything!  You are very determined to get into the fireplace!  I love you more than you can imagine!


June 30th, 2010-11 months

You are now walking! Close to your 11 month mark it started.  You love it! You should really be black and blue with as much as you fall.  You are a tough cookie.  You are very smart and hide your toys.  You amaze me how you never put anything in your mouth!  You wont hold your bottle yet either.  We've decided to start clomid again in August! So you could be a big brother by May 2011!


July 30th,2011- 12 months
I can't believe you are 1!  It seems as though you have been with us forever, but then also as though it was just yesterday we were holding our 7lb 11oz baby boy!  I gave you your first hair cut today.  It makes you look like a little boy :(.  You enjoyed your blue cupcake at your party!

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