Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1-3 years.

Between 12 and 24 months, I have a huge blur.  I was pregnant with Lincoln's sisters (Twins born April 2011) and through my research of happenings I noted the following between years 1 and 3 :

8/10 (13 months)-
1st ear infection/sickness-  reaction to Amoxicillin and switched antibiotics.

12/10 (17 months)-
-Lincoln starts waking up from naps screaming crying tears for 1 hr+  This is when naps phased out in our house.
-I also report that Lincoln doesn't understand or listen to the word "No!"
- I comment that Lincoln has had pure (TMI ) mush diapers for his bowel movements, consistently for 3 weeks.  It didn't stop until we started our GFCF diet in (October 2012!)

3/11 (19months)-
Lincoln loves books
Lincoln isn't showing favoritism to Right or Left hand. Still unable to use spoon

5/11 ( 22 months)-
-I report that Lincoln has 20 words.  His receptive language is well, but he isn't using his expressive language
-"He was looking at a picture of a duck and I said "The duck goes quack quack" he grinned and said "cack cack" then looked at my husband and said "daddy do duck" asking him to quack like a duck.  

He also has a book of colors and said yellow banana, purple, blue, car, goldfish, red shoe, and kitten. He isn't mocking me either, he will actually turn to the pages and point to the items and say it.' 

8/11 (2 years 1 month) - Lincoln is still not talking . I call our state Early Intervention and we start Speech therapy.  His speech evaluation shows he has the speech of a 14 month old with an OCD personality   During his evaluation Lincoln immediately starts to line up and organize items. He would organize by colors and shapes.  Luckily if the organization is disrupted , he just continues to reorganize without any freak outs.  

 9/11- (2 year 2 month) - Still select words and only on Lincoln's terms.    Speech is now at 16 months . 

11/11- ( 2yr  4 month)- First conversation with Lincoln :
Link- Tree
Me- Do you like the tree? Link- Yes
Me-You like it!!
Link- like it.  

12/11- (2 years 5 months)  - Link starts to scream all the time!! He is screaming excited, not upset.  Just loves to scream and LOUD!   1/12- (2yr 6 month) Diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. We are given an epi pen to use in emergency situations.   3/12 (2 year 8 month)- Early Intervention review.  Speech is at a 20 month level, skills are at a 34 month level  9/12- (3 yr 2 month) Lincoln Starts Preschool    

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