Monday, December 10, 2012

Step 1- Allergies.

Shortly after Links hospitalization, I elected to have his allergies tested further. We knew of the peanut allergy, but I couldn't help but feel there were more. I was hoping it may be a link to his recent stay in the hospital and it wasn't just a random asthma situation.  At the allergies he elected to do blood testing due to the high amount of steroids Lincoln had been on .  The results were the following :
2-Cashew, Codfish, egg white, oat, pistachio, soy, tomato, wheat. 

1- Almond, brazil nut, egg yolk, milk, 
0- Pecan , Shrimp, Walnut . 

So the boy can pretty much eat all the pecans, shrimp, and walnuts he wants :) 

You get mixed reports on which allergens you test positive for to avoid.  We elected to get rid of them all.  We thought, what the heck we'll try it.  The results were more than beneficial! 

1.)Lincoln's skin as an infant was so bad with eczema that it looked as though he had cigarette burns on his ankles at times.  It was pitiful!  His skin has always felt like leather or sandpaper. Upon removing these allergens, he now has soft skin for the first time in his life! 

2)After awhile his stool became solid, another first since December 2010.  

3) He started zoning out less. 
4) He was able to nap again without waking up crying for 1+hr. It is amazing!

After seeing these positives, we figured this special diet (which happens to be GFCF) was the key to the first step in bringing Lincoln back to us.  I then started to research other ways to help him through bio-medical treatment.  Lincoln also exhibits a great deal of hyperactivity, so I found out about eliminating food dyes to help hyperactivity. The results were GREAT! Lincoln is 50% (or greater) less active than he was! I was amazed! If all of these changes were brought on by eliminating items from Link's diet, what other things can I alter or add in to change his life for the better? The fuel to my fire was then ignited and I refuse to stop and just accept my son is "autistic"!

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