Monday, December 10, 2012

Step 2-Epsom Salt & Methyl B12

Through my research I found a great deal of information about methyl B12 and helping autism folks. I thought, what the heck.  I was a pharmacy tech BK ( before kids)  and I knew that the body naturally expels any extra b12 in your system that isn't needed, so no worry for overdose.
I also read about a need for magnesium sulfate in children with autism, so the Epsom salt baths helps autistic children replenish their magnesium.

On 11/26 we started doing Epsom salt baths (2c of epsom salt -Dr Teals is our favorite- to 1/2 a tub of bath water) . Then on 11/28 I started Methyl-Mate nasal spray by New Beginnings .  (1 squirt per nostril. I found that if you squirt it in his nose, then hold his mouth, he is forced to suck it up in his nose . It isn't pretty and I don't do it when he is snotty, but it works for us. )

Lincoln began to do the following after starting these biomedical treatments:

-Better eye contact
-Interaction between people increased.
-Noticed what was going on outside of his "bubble"
-He started to show emotions upon being scolded .
-I fake cried in front of him and he hesitated, but still didn't react, still an improvement.
-He told me he was cold, this is the first time he has ever informed me of even noticing change in temperature.

SO SO SO many improvements in him.  I'm amazed and excited for Step 3 to come into play next month.  I've elected to do 1 change a month.  Therefore I will know more about what what is and isn't working.

He started GFCF in 10/12
Elimination of Food Dyes 10/12
B12 and Epsom 12/12

It's the start of a change and we're 1 step closer to improving his way of life.

The following pictures is Lincoln in November 2012 and December 2012. You can see a difference in him in the image alone.  He has put on weight, he is making eye contact and you can see a little light in him. Also what I see is hope.  Hope that I can fix this and I WILL never stop until I do.
November 2012
December 2012

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