Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bump in the Road

Lincoln will be getting tubes in the coming weeks. He's had an ear infection that has lived through azithromycin, augmentin, cleocin, and 3 rocephin shots.  The infection is as stubborn as it's host ;)  I probably shouldn't have watched the video of tubes being inserted on you tube. It has made me nervous.  Keep us in your thoughts as we prepare for that journey!

I'm struggling with when it's right to share our story with our friends and family.  I'm not wanting pity, I'm not wanting an excuse for Lincoln's behavior.  Quite frankly it isn't any of their business.  If my child is different, what is it to them?  My issue I have now is this :  If I'm 1 in 88 , odds are there are people on my Facebook page or daily life who may very well be struggling as I am.  I want to help them in whatever way I can.  Whether it be someone to relate to, someone to bounce off ideas with, someone to cry to, anything.  I've been fortunate to have a friend who is dealing with the same thing as us.   The type of person I am I want to help. I want people to take from our situation or my words and feel that they too can make it through this.  I want all the moms of the 1 in 88 to be able to look at the situation we have been given and fight with me.  We shouldn't accept that this is it.  Even if this is it, I want to fight to prevent this from occurring SO OFTEN! We have got to figure out what is causing so many children to be effected! If I don't share our story and I hide behind the autism, what good does that do for awareness?  What good does that do for Lincoln? I'm not ashamed of him.  I'm just fearful of being judged and being looked at differently. I want Lincoln to be seen as Lincoln , not Tracey's boy who has autism.  I worry about the label and people not looking past it and missing out on  what an amazing boy he is.

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