Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo and Update Thursday :)

Lincoln will be getting tubes Monday.
He has been relatively calm the last few days, it's weird. Still doing well.  Hoping the tubes really helps him feel better. He was great at the doctor this week, he is a trooper. I'm anxious to get the ears fixed. I'm cautiously optimistic that his speech may improve a little. It's a long shot, so I'm not trying to get my hopes up.

Lynleigh- I talk so much about Lincoln, so I figure on Thursday's I will update you on the other two as well .
    Lynleigh is doing well with her speech. She has therapy 4 times a month. She is the shy twin out of the two.  She is such a sweetie and loves pretend play.  She does well with speech, so I aticipate her being caught up by 2 1/2.  She is 8 months behind currently in language.
    Most everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing the speech with her. After the Lincoln situation, I can't take any chances. She and Link have a lot of similarities.

Lacey- Oh where to begin with her. She is quite the pistol.  This week she asked me "What are you doing? "  while I was looking in the mirror doing my makeup. I just replied " My makeup" and she said "Mirror yadadfdsfdsf (un recognizable words lol) She is a chatty Cathy.  She is persistent in getting onto the other kids. If they aren't doing right, I will hear "No, No!"  Most all of the time it's correct too. So she is helping me out :)

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